[Insert customary introduction speech here.]

Okay let me not bore you with that, instead I am going to keep it short and simple. Three years after registering this personal domain I have finally decided to dedicate more time to actually work on this site and make an effort to blog on a regular basis here.

I’ll try my best to blog at least once every week or two on things related to WordPress, most specifically keep an eye out for all sorts of tips, tricks and tutorials on WooCommerce.

Who am I you ask? I am Gerhard Potgieter, a web developer from Cape Town, South Africa. I work for one of the most awesome WordPress centric companies out there, WooThemes, where my main duty is to provide first class WooCommerce support to our customers, I also development WordPress plugins and WooCommerce extensions on a regular basis.

Little bit about the setup I have here, obviously I am running WordPress, duh. The theme is PixelPress by WooThemes, which I modified a bit via a child theme.